What Is Rectal Prolapse Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

What Is Rectal Prolapse ?

What is a Rectal Prolapse. It is very severe problem in which the rectum walls protrude through the anus and they start appearing outside the body. It occurs due to the problem of tissues. The lining of the rectum slips and get stuck in the anal opening. It is checked by the physical exam done by the doctor to find it initially. It is identified by the exam of the anus and several times by examining the rectum. The bowel movements occur and cause severe pain.

Rectal Prolapse Causes

  • It occurs when the Constipation stays for long time
  • Cystic fibrosis can repel the inner walls to the outer side
  • Malnutrition of the minerals and malabsorption of the required nutrients causes the problem
  • The stomach worms infection like Pinworms and whipworms
  • When the injury occurs to the anus or pelvic area

Rectal Prolapse

Rectal Prolapse Symptoms

The Rectal Prolapse Symptoms are

  • The anus starts bulging out a reddish colored skin that is sticky
  • The rectal tissue lining starts becoming visible and bleeding occurs time to time
  • The bleeding occurs and the rectum is prolapsed womb

Rectal Prolapse Diagnosis

The rectal prolapse is checked initially by the physical examination of rectum and anus. After this the doctor recommends medicine according to the condition because in case of very severe issue the surgery is done.

Rectal Prolapse Prognosis

Prolapse occurs when the patient tries to walk and create heavy pain. During other activities the condition becomes very painful. The problem increases and the condition becomes worse when the patient so sneeze or coughing. When the progression starts the rectum becomes worst and the patient becomes worse. The pain can become cramps that can be mild to severe. Almost 10% patients have their uterine or bladder prolapse. Several surgeries are done for the remedy.

Rectal Prolapse Prevention

  • Patient should eat balanced diet
  • Avoid foods due to which the constipation occurs because constipation causes rectal prolapse by the continuous pressure
  • Drink plenty of water every day to keep yourself hydrated
  • Avoid the activities through which the anus can become damaged
  • Patient should immediately consult a nearby medical practitioner if the rectal prolapse occurs and follow the advice of the physician
  • The gentle parts should be cleaned with the soft, warm and wet cloth so that the gentle pressure can be decreased
  • People having problem with the medicine should take the recommendation from a good physician

Rectal Prolapse Treatment

This is the only cure where as another very effective thing for this issue is Poretical. It is made up of 100% natural herbs and should be started immediately as the problem occurs. It is a very painful condition in which nothing can be applied on the skin because of the severity of pain. The patient should immediately start taking these tablets from Herbal Care Products to Herbal Treatment for Rectal Prolapse effectively. The problem in the body is reduced from the depth and the person feels painless and normal. The ingredients of this medicine are Arillus Myristicae, Elephant Creeper, Nutmeg, Saffron and Serpentine.

Rectal Prolapse

2 thoughts on “What Is Rectal Prolapse Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

  1. pls is there any place in Ghana where I will get ur medicine? the poretical
    I have a rectal prolapse since infancy. am sure I was born with it and as a kid I remember any time it comes out when passing a stool, it goes back (inside ) by itself but It has changed as I grew up. Now am 27yrs and I have to push it back myself. It is very very painful but am a student and I had no money for surgery, I want to know if I can get your medicine here in Ghana to help or reduce the pains it cause me


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