What Is Blepharitis Causes, Treatment And Pictures

What Is Blepharitis ?

What is Blepharitis disease. The inflammation occurs around the edges of the eyelids and the eyelashes follicles. This is a very irritating condition it is a medical disorder of the eyes that the inflammation occurs in the eyelids and the redness, swelling, warmth and pain is felt in the eyes.

Blepharitis Causes

Blepharitis Causes in the margins of the eyelids that surrounds the area adjacent to the skin. It causes the changes in the surface and skin of the eyelids. The oil glands and sweat glands of the eyes do not work in a proper manner and over production or decreased production can occur where as the glands do mal functioning. Various types of allergies cause such problems and they also include the seasonal viral infections. The over use of eye makeup especially the mascara and eye liner can cause this problem. They directly affect the eyelids and the eyelash follicles. The use of contact lens can make the eye s suffer in many ways especially if they are of low quality. They can exploit the overall health of the eyes. Different types of sprays and various harmful chemical sprays can kill the eye if they contact with the eye.


Blepharitis Symptoms

There are several symptoms through which the problem can be recognized above all is the excessive itching on the eyelids with the tears appearing. Sometimes the eye looks like completely dry and the burning occurs.

Blepharitis Diagnosis

The patient feels the presence of sand particles in the eye that causes severe pain and irritation in Blepharitis Pictures. The crusting occurs in the eyelids and they appear like a separate layer of the skin that is surrounding the eye. Along with all the other problems the eyelids stay reddish and the swelling occurs. The eyes become sensitive to light and to be exposed to the sun and other type of low and high lights. Abnormal growth of eye lashes can occur whereas in some cases the lashes falls out and the eye remain plain. Dandruff can occur in eye lashes, eyelids and eyebrows

Blepharitis Prognosis

This condition is highly painful, irritating, uncomfortable and annoying. It also causes excessive itching due to the disease. Anyone can have this disease and can occur due to various reasons. It is not contagious problem and do not effects the eyesight.

Blepharitis Prevention

The face should be cleaned carefully and the eyelids should be washed. First of all avoid the use of contact lenses whereas choose them carefully and high quality while buying them. do not wear lot of eye makeup frequently. Be careful while choosing the products. Drink plenty of water to make the eyes better in the appearance.

Blepharitis Treatment

The Blepharitis Herbal Treatment by tarcical. It is not the eye drops but they are tablets that are made by 100% herbal ingredients. It maintains the health of the eyes and reduces the pain. It also eradicates the itching. Tarcical is available at Herbal Care Products. Its ingredients are Ashwagandha, Liliaceae, Gum Benjamin, Ammonium Chloride and Myrobalan. It has no side effects.


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