Natural Herbal Remedies for Delayed Ejaculation Sexual Issues

Delayed ejaculation is  a common sexual health issues, information for patient like delayed ejaculation treatment, symptoms, causes and cure etc. Natural herbal remedies treat your disease by the Herbal Care Products.

Natural Herbal Treatment for Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed Ejaculation is a medical condition in which a male cannot ejaculate, either during intercourse or by manual stimulation with a partner. Ejaculation is when semen is released from the penis. Natural Herbal Treatment for Delayed Ejaculation.

Alternative Names

Ejaculatory incompetence; Sex – delayed ejaculation; Retarded ejaculation

Causes for Delayed Ejaculation

Most Causes of Delayed Ejaculation within a few minutes of starting to thrust during intercourse. Men with delayed ejaculation causes may be unable to ejaculate (for example, during intercourse), or may only be able to ejaculate with great effort after having intercourse for a long time (for example, 30 to 45 minutes).

Causes for Delayed Ejaculation can have psychological or physical causes.

Common psychological Symptoms for Delayed Ejaculation include:

  • Religious background that makes the person view sex as sinful
  • Lack of attraction for a partner
  • Conditioning caused by a habit of unusual masturbation
  • Traumatic events (such as being discovered masturbating or having illicit sex, or learning one’s partner is having an affair)

Some Delayed Ejaculation Symptoms factors, such as anger toward the partner, may be involved.

Physical Symptoms of Delayed Ejaculation may include:

  • Blockage of the ducts that semen passes through
  • Use of certain drugs (such as prozac, mellaril, and guanethidine)
  • Nervous system diseases, such as a stroke or nerve damage to the spinal cord or back

Exams and Tests

Stimulating the penis with a vibrator or other device may determine whether you have a physical (often nervous system) problem. A nervous system (neurological) examination may reveal other nerve problems that are associated with delayed ejaculation.

Treatment for Delayed Ejaculation

If you have never ejaculated through any form of stimulation (such as wet dreams, masturbation, or intercourse), see a urologist to determine if the problem has a physical cause.

If you are able to ejaculate in a reasonable period of time by some form of stimulation, see a therapist who specializes in Delayed Ejaculation Treatment. Sex therapy usually includes both partners. Treatment for Delayed Ejaculation therapist will usually teach you about the sexual response, and how to communicate and guide your partner to provide the right stimulation.

Therapy often involves a series of “homework” assignments. In the privacy of your home, you and your partner engage in sexual activities that reduce performance pressure and focus on pleasure.

Typically, you will not have sexual intercourse for a certain period of time, while you gradually learn to enjoy ejaculation through other types of stimulation.

In cases where there is a problem with the relationship or a lack of sexual desire, you may need therapy to improve your relationship and emotional intimacy.

Sometimes hypnosis may be a helpful addition to therapy, especially if one partner is not willing to participate in therapy. Trying to self-treat this problem is often not successful.

If a medication is believed to be the cause of the problem, discuss other Treatment of Delayed Ejaculation options with your health care provider. Never stop taking any medicine without first talking to your health care provider.

Natural Herbal Remedies for Delayed Ejaculation Treatment

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Outlook (Prognosis)

Natural Care Products treatment commonly requires about 12 – 18 sessions. The average success rate is 70 – 80%.

You will have a better outcome if:

  • You have a past history of satisfying sexual experiences
  • The problem has not been occurring for a long time
  • You have feelings of sexual desire
  • You feel love toward your sexual partner
  • You are motivated to get treated
  • You do not have serious psychological problems

If medications are causing the problem, your health care provider may recommend switching or stopping the medicine (if possible). A full recovery is possible if this can be done.

Possible Complications

If the problem is not addressed and treated, the following may occur:

  • Avoidance of sexual contact
  • Inhibited sexual desire
  • Marital stress
  • Sexual dissatisfaction

If you and your partner are trying to get pregnant, sperm may have to be collected using other methods because of the lack of ejaculation.


Natural Herbal Products for Delayed Ejaculation Treatment

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Having a healthy attitude about your sexuality and genitals helps prevent delayed ejaculation. Realize that you cannot force yourself to have a sexual response, just as you cannot force yourself to go to sleep or to perspire. The harder you try to have a certain sexual response, the harder it becomes to respond.

To reduce the pressure, absorb yourself in the pleasure of the moment. Do not worry about whether or when you will ejaculate. Your partner should create a relaxed atmosphere, and should not pressure you about whether or not you have ejaculated. Openly discuss any fears or anxieties, such as fear of pregnancy or disease, with your partner.

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Premature Ejeculation Treatment For Male

What Is Delayed Ejaculation ?

It is the failure to Premature Ejaculation or discharge the difficulty in achieving orgasm in spite of the presence of normal desire of sex and stimulation. It is also called the Ejaculatory incompetence, Sex – delayed ejaculation, Retarded ejaculation.

Delayed Ejaculation Causes

It has the occurrence of various psychological as well as physical reasons. Among some races and the stringent religious background makes the person considers the sex as sinful. It causes the extreme lack of desirability or attraction for the partner and the partner keeps on avoiding. The Habituation is occurred by regular sessions of unusual masturbation. Sometimes the shocking and painful events occurred that causes the unconscious impact on the person’s mind. The feeling of being cheated like knowing that one’s partner is having an affair and the person have anger towards the partner.


Delayed Ejaculation Symptoms

It occurs when semen is released while doing intercourse. During this Delayed Ejaculation Symptoms the males cannot ejaculate. Some men have more timing of ejaculation and some just ejaculate after few minutes of the orgasm. The delayed ejaculation is a problem that is seen in some men. They do not achieve the proper orgasm and the ejaculation occurs. It has many problems physically and mentally. The people having such kind of issue keeps on running from the partner and do not like to do sex. It occurs due the vibrator stimulation and many cures are found that can help in such issues.

Delayed Ejaculation Diagnosis

After realizing the Male Ejaculation the people should not treat and force themselves to ejaculate by putting excessive stress or pressure. Just enjoy your sex session instead of worrying about the delayed ejaculation because it does not cause any serious issues. Always plan such in a relaxed atmosphere and starts from light activities then eventually reach the orgasm.

Delayed Ejaculation Prognosis

Marital stress and repressed sexual desire that occurs in different men especially when they get married to the person they do not want to or there are other complications in the relation. There are many other problems also seen. The delayed ejaculation can be recognized when the semen release takes more time than normal.

Delayed Ejaculation Prevention

There are many psychologists who provide the relationship counseling that helps the people to maintain the relationship instead of getting stressed up. Take some assignments for sex therapy and do it at home.

Delayed Ejaculation Treatment

Telical is the highly recommended option for the Delayed Ejaculation . It is made up of 100% natural herbs and has no side effects. This medicine helps to make the sex experience amazing and the ejaculation occurs. It also helps in reaching the orgasm and eradicates the stress that the person have regarding having sex. It is present at Herbal Care Products. Its ingredients are Shilajit, Liliaceae, Spiny bamboo, Cloves, Centaurea behen, Cassia, Jadwar, Nutmeg, Early-purple orchid, Himalayan Peony, Red-veined salvia, Ginger, Nux vomica and Grey Amber. Instead of trying steroids herbal is a hundred times better than that because it cures the problem. The medicine helps to maintain the relationship once again and it is highly recommended. This medicine has significant results.

Delayed Ejaculation