Eye Bags Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

What Are Eye Bags ?

There are several people among which due to mineral deficiency, eye problem or other disease the puffiness and dark circles occur around the eyes. These puffy bodies are called Reduce Eye Bags. They can also due to heredity issues because some people have inherited problem of puffy eyes. The problem also occurs due to the swelling in the tissues of eyes. This is a common condition and it is non chronic initially where as it is good to get a good treatment as soon as possible.

Eye Bags

Eye Bags Causes

What Causes Eye Bags. There are several causes due to which the eye bags occurs

  • Due to aging the muscles and tissues that protect the eyelids swells and puffiness occurs
  • Genetically they are transferred from generation to generation
  • Some people have problem in maintaining proper sleep and diet or have problem of insomnia. It can also  become a reason for Eye Bag Surgery
  • During seasonal change fluid retention occurs, it makes the eyes release water and swelling.
  • Some other reasons are hormonal problems, food deficiency, kidney problem, fatigue and stress
  • People having the problem of depression and anxiety have eye bags under their eyes
  • In severe cases and infection, redness in the eyes bags causes itching and puffiness in the eyes.

Eye Bags Symptoms

Sometimes Eye Bags Symptoms are a sign of different diseases appearing in the body. The infection in different organs and pain in kidneys, lungs or stomach problems can also make the eyes to swell.

Eye Bags Diagnosis

Puffy eyes can be a sign of surgical treatment and the problems occurring in that. They can also reflect the deficiency of minerals and Vitamins in the body. If the eyes start becoming puffy and start to swell, the person should immediately consult a doctor about the problem.

Eye Bags Prognosis

The redness of eyes can be a sign of some serious problem as well and can lead the patient to some chronic disease.

Eye Bags Prevention

There are various treatments of eye bags. Various home remedies and different cosmetics are used for the recovery of this issue. Mostly doctors recommend to change the lifestyle and to maintain a proper diet. They also take the complete history of the patient to recognize the problem going in the body.

Eye Bags Treatment

Best medicine to avoid the puffiness is Glamical. It is made up of 100% natural herbs. They are processed in a proper way to provide best benefits for the Eye Bag Herbal Treatment. It soothes up the pain in the eyes along with the dryness and extra water secretion from the eyes. The ingredients of this medicine are Fevernut, Rhubarb, Indian Long Pepper, Calcium sulphate and Gulancha.

The patient should immediately start taking the medicine when the eyes start drying up and the fast sagging occurs under eyes. This medicine reduces the swelling and gives eyes a fresh feel. It also helps the muscles to soothe and makes the skin of the eyes become fresh and healthy. It is available at Herbal Care Products. It starts nourishing the eyes in the initial use and prevents the loosening of the eyes.