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What Is Folliculitis ?

What is Folliculitis There are hair follicles in our sin that are the holes from which the hair of the skin grows. They are like small pouches in the layer of the skin wherever the hair are grown they are grown from these pouches. Folliculitis is the fungal infection that us caused by bacteria or yeast. This problem occurs mostly in the damage hair follicles. When the people shave beard or hair from some area or wear the harsh fiber cloth that disturbs the hair follicles. They are rubbed by the cloth and causes irritation on the skin layer. Sometimes the hair follicles are blocked by the excessive sweat, machine oils and excessive or frequent use of makeup. In case of getting blocked or injured the hair follicles become infected.


Folliculitis Causes

Folliculitis Pictures becomes more certain to happen when

  • Tubs or swimming pool water is used for swimming without being treated by chlorine
  • Wearing tight or harsh fiber clothes and undergarments
  • Using the pigments that can cause blockage to the hair follicles like cocoa butter, excessive make up, motor oil and creosote
  • While shaving, skin gets a cut and due to ignorance it becomes infected. The hair follicles start catching the infection from it, if it is left untreated by and antiseptic. This problem can occur among the surgical wounds as well
  • Patients if diabetes and HIV gets this disease very frequently because their body loses the tendency to fight with the infecting bacteria.

Folliculitis Symptoms

Folliculitis symptoms can be in the form of white pus filled pimple or red pimples having hair in the centre. These pimples stay on a skin for a limited time then they break open and drain blood or pus inside them. After the use of hot tub or spa the “hot tub folliculitis” appears sometimes in around 72 hours. They are the pimples that appear on stomach, arms or legs and causes mild fever and stomach disturbance in the body.  It usually does not stay for a very long period and recovers itself within 8 to 10 days.

Folliculitis Diagnosis

The doctors usually diagnose it by the physical examination and taking the history of your routine and activities. They also do some basic tests to recognize the Scalp Folliculitis and to make sure there is not any other skin disease growing on the skin because it is similar to asimpetigo and heat rash.

Folliculitis Prognosis

Doctors usually take a sample of pimple fluid or the skin tissue to test the problem. When the irregular pimples appear on the skin, avoid using harsh and mixed fiber clothes, bath daily and keep your skin clean.

Folliculitis Prevention

Folliculitis occurs on the skin hence there are various ointments used to cover it up but some of them cause more harmful side effects.

Folliculitis Treatment

Fulical is the best Folliculitis Herbal Treatment. It is totally made of herbal ingredients that are Fevernut, Rhubarb, Indian Long Pepper, Calcium sulphate and Gulancha. The patient should immediately take this medicine when the blisters start appearing and cause itching. It is very effective because it has no side effects. It is available at the Herbal Care Products.


Natural Treatment for Folliculitis

That being said, out of the various Natural Treatment for Folliculitis described online, Patel and Gonzalez have seen many that do nothing, some that could worsen the condition, and even a few that could cure it. Thankfully, you can easily get rid of folliculitis using natural remedies, many involving kitchen ingredients! Here are herbal supplements for Folliculitis Natural Treatment that are very effective!