Ichthyosis Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Treatment

What Is Ichtyosis ?

What is Ichthyosis Vulgaris. It is a congenital condition in which the most outer layer of the skin called epidermis, becomes very dry , rough and scaly. These scales are like fish skin. Every type of ichthyosis is scaly and dry where as the appearance of the problem varies from type to type. The condition of the skin can be from mild to enormously damage among the different ichthyosis. There are several conditions such as harlequin type ichtyosis that can even a life threatening problem for almost 95% victims of this disease.


Ichtyosis Causes

It is a stressful condition because it not only Ichtyosis Causes pain but changes the whole appearance of a person. Gradually the scales appear and disturb the complete look of the body and where ever it is occurring. This problem occurs due to some factors.

  • When the upper layer of the skin makes extra ordinary amount of protein
  • It can be genetically transferred to the generation
  • This disease is basically a group of diseases that can occur due to various other problems like cancer and thyroid problems
  • Kidney issues or renal failure

Ichtyosis Symptoms

This problem wide spreads on any person belonging from any age group. It also occurs among animals especially the cattle and pets. The Ichtyosis Symptoms usually are not visible among babies at the birth. They usually appear at 3 to 5 years of age or after that. Initially the mild condition that is ichthyosis vulgaris is not very harmful and chronic neither it is life threatening.

Ichtyosis Diagnosis

If the problem remains untreated then it can become very chronic in the old age.

Mild Cases

In the mild cases the itching and scaling occurs on the skin that is not severe. They are usually like the fish scales or in the hexagonal irregular shape.

Severe Cases

Severe cases are very rare but they cause chronic pain and itching on the skin. The sweat glands produce very less amount of sweat especially when the patient needs it the most. Skin becomes scaly and painful. It is a life threatening condition.

Ichtyosis Prognosis

It is better to rely on one medicine instead of experimenting because it can increase the issue. This medicine is very helpful in curing all the Ichthyosis Skin occurring in the body. It exfoliates the skin and helps the patient to recover. Herbal medicines are very effective but they are a bit slow so patient should use the medicine with patience to get expected results.

Ichtyosis Prevention

There are several remedies for this problem that contains ointments, skin lotions and some oils where as there are several parts where the things cannot be applied.

Ichtyosis Treatment

Itchycal is in the form of tablets that reaches every part of the body and Ichthyosis Herbal Treatment from the depth. It is a herbal medicine that does not have any kind of side effects. You can get it from Herbal Care Products. Its ingredients are Fevernut, Rhubarb, Indian Long Pepper, Calcium sulphate and Gulancha. Patient should immediately start medicine when the initial symptoms occur on the skin. Skin starts becoming grey and scaling occurs along with the patches of dryness. Patient should take two tablets daily with a definite time.