Myelitis Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Treatment

What Is Myelitis ?

What is Myelitis. Spinal cord is called as the bridge between the brain and the entire body. It has white matter and grey matter that is the main reason through which spinal cord works. During Myelitis the white or grey matter becomes infected and causes inflammation. There are several types of this problem which are classified according to the area where this problem occurs. Person can have paralysis or sensory loss when the myelin or axon is damaged during this problem.


Myelitis Causes

The types of Myelitis Causes are

  • Poliomyelitis occurs when the grey matter in the back bone have viral infection. It causes paralysis or severe weakness.
  • Leukomyelitis is the presence of lesions in the white matter of the back bone
  • Transverse myelitis it is caused by the damage to the axon and occurs at both sides of the spinal cord.
  • Meningococcal myelitis is the lesions in the meninges area and spinal cord

Myelitis Symptoms

There are different Transverse Myelitis Symptoms which are according to the cause of the disease. They either manifest in the body or progress with speed or spread in the whole area. They have different times of increasing that can be from several hours to days. Most of the types of Myelitis quickly burst out and causes paralysis of different parts or whole body. It can also cause severe weakness, unstable posture and the problem in walking.

Myelitis Diagnosis

There are many reasons for this problem that includes the infections. The certain direct infections like bacterial, mold, virus and parasites syphilis and tuberculosis can be a big cause of this Lupus Myelitis. The patient of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is also sensitive to this disease. It basically happens due to the auto immune attack hence the people having weak immune system catches such kind of diseases.

Myelitis Prognosis

The patient feels different types of sensations which are inflammation, prickling, numbness, tingling and tickling that stays for longer. When the adults have this problem they face severe pain in back bone and abdomen.  Dysfunction of bowel and bladder may occur by causing the urinating urgency. Intractable vomiting, problem in respiration or fever can also occur.

Myelitis Prevention

It usually occurs due to the problem of immune system that mistakenly attacks the body and starts working against it. This problem is severe because of its distortion and the pains it causes. The spinal cord is the main reason for the balance and every activity of the body because it connects the brain with other parts of the body. When the problem occurs it is really difficult to handle it.

Myelitis Treatment

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