What Is Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

What Is Peripheral Neuropathy ?

What is Peripheral Neuropathy. The brain works as the controlling centre of the body in which the spinal cord is the network. The different types of nerves pass these messages to different organs of the body. The peripheral neuropathy is the problem when the nerves get badly damaged due to some reasons and the nerve fails to complete their functions. It is a chronic nerve disorder in which the nerves other than brain and spinal cord get damaged. It does not create any problem for the central nervous system. CNS is the major nervous system containing only brain, spinal cord and the nerves directly attached to them. It disturbs the peripheral nervous system that connects the other organs due to this the patient feels weak.

Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy Causes

Peripheral Neuropathy Causes is :

  • It occurs due to the excessive use of alcohol
  • Bad diet, mal nutrition and vitamin deficiency
  • The autoimmune disease and diabetes or other traumas and pressures
  • Exposure to poisons and chemicals
  • Inherited disorders from generation to generation
  • Different types of viruses, infections and bacteria
  • Accidents, fall, sorts injury especially the ones in which the organ directly hits and the nerves cells break down or damaged.
  • The excessive growth of tumors, kidney problems, thyroid glands issue and liver diseases

Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms

Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms is :

  • Numbness and tingling occurs in different organs of the body
  • Inflammation or electric like pain
  • Burning and muscle weakness
  • Lack of coordination and physical imbalance
  • The problem in the functioning of kidney, bladder and bowel.

Peripheral Neuropathy Diagnosis

As the nerves get damaged the patient feels inflammation and pain. Different types of nerves are damaged in the result that can contain sensory nerves, motor nerves and peripheral nerves. The biggest problem occurs when the motor nerves and sensory nerves are damaged and the organs stop receiving messages from the brain.

Peripheral Neuropathy Prognosis

The patient feels out of any kind of sensation and feeling. Due to the Peripheral neuropathy a single nerves or a group of nerves get damaged. However their treatment depends on the reason of the occurrence.

Peripheral Neuropathy Prevention

Herbal medicine is most effective remedy for this problem. It clams the pain and inflammation in the organs and makes the patient to maintain the healthy life again. The cure is very simple. There is no need of any surgery or anything usually two tablets are recommended daily. This medicine has no side effects of any kind.

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

Phornical is the best medicines for Peripheral Neuropathy Herbal Treatment. Patient should immediately start this medicine as the problem arises and the sensation, inflammation or pain starts occurring in the body. The patient feels extreme pain in joints and muscles. This is the best medicine of Herbal Care Products that is made up of all the natural contents. It has amazing effects on the body and helps the patient to revive the nerves again. The impacts of this medicine are very good on the body of the patient. The ingredients are Shilajit, Liliaceae, Spiny bamboo, Cloves, Centaurea behen, Cassia, Jadwar, Nutmeg, Early-purple orchid, Himalayan Peony, Red-veined salvia, Ginger, Nux vomica and Grey Amber.

Peripheral Neuropathy